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Moon Lists: A Guided Journal
Moon Lists: A Guided Journal

Moon Lists: A Guided Journal

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Moon Lists: Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection, A Guided Journal

How do we rediscover and appreciate the simplicities in life? Can we observe and document the present in a way that informs the future?

Moon Lists is a tool for noticing the mosaic of objects, thoughts, and feelings that make up everyday existence. As the moon naturally cycles through a monthlong arc of waxing and waning, look to its monthly rebirth as a cue to check in with yourself. What has had an impact on you this week as the moon has receded into the night? Or this month -- as the moon has found wholeness again?

Use this journal to cultivate a ritual of self-reflection, finding meaning and direction from simple objects, daily choices, and habits defined over time.


By Leigh Patterson